Photo by Lisa Bolden of Elixir Motion Picture

Photo by Lisa Bolden of Elixir Motion Picture

Kit Mizeres has not long graduated from art school, but from viewing her work and being in the presence of the sheer power, sophistication and maturity of her artistic voice, one could be forgiven for thinking she has already benefited from a lifetime of creative expression. Having adopted a liberating lifestyle of nomadic freedom, Mizeres is constantly on the road, continually collecting a wealth of stories and experiences which help to inform her life choices and also her artistic explorations. Being close to nature all her life, and possessing both a boundless curiosity and a caring heart, it is only natural that at the core of her images lie messages of concern about how humanity asserts its dominance over the rest of the animal kingdom. Mizeres skillfully integrates these sentiments into her striking surrealism, along with her interest in personal folklore and the ironing out of her own internal struggles. The results are not only a rare treat for the eyes, but deliver an abundance of metaphorical stimulation and raise important topical questions about our species, which should not be overlooked.

Kit Mizeres is an American artist and illustrator with no current fixed abode. She earned her BFA in Illustration from the Columbus College of Art and Design. Since graduating, Kit has been making serious waves within the New Contemporary Art scene and has exhibited her work in prominent galleries, such as Corey Helford Gallery in LA and Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia.

(Written by Tim Maclean of WOW x WOW)